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There are no words for the day I've had.

Literally. Ordinarily, I would be all "Time for a long story!" But let's just leave it at: "Today sucked, but the important thing is I didn't cry. Not even a little, not even once." Maybe eventually I'll be in a good enough mood to post about the whole thing, but that will be at a time that's not now.
This may come as a surprise to some of you, but it's been snowing all day. All night and all day. It's added up to two feet. Exciting right? I figured, hey, this is more snow than we've had in 50 years, and may not have more like it in a lifetime. I should document the experience! So with that mindset, I texted Anna and asked if she wanted to go on a grand picture taking adventure. I jokingly made a facebook status about risking my life to document the snowpocalypse, thinking I was being silly. Upon stepping outside, I learned very quickly that I was being completely serious. However bad you guys think it is out there? It's worse. Much, much worse.

I did manage to take the pictures that I set out to take, but I had to take refuge after about ten minutes. When I walked out the door, it took me about two minutes just to get up a flight of steps. A very small flight of steps. Just that was enough to wind me. I thought the snow on the steps was just deep because of flurries, but once I got to the top, the snow was above my knees. I could barely walk, even in the areas of the street that have been driven on. I don't know who would be driving in this weather though... oh yeah, the pizza delivery truck was driving in this weather, because some jerk called for delivery. I hope they gave him a tip bigger than the price of the pizza.

Also, all of the cars in the parking lot were buried. Nobody is going anywhere for a week. I wanted to take a picture of my car, but I couldn't find it. I remembered where I parked, but I couldn't see it. More importantly, I couldn't reach it. I was only about three rows back, but after going about two rows, I gave up. Anna had waited behind because she didn't want to wade through any more snow than she had to. A wise decision on her part, since I ended up failing my mission. I shamefully made my way back to her and we continued up the street taking pictures of the snowy devastation.

Just a few minutes later, we decided that we didn't want to be outside anymore, because it was getting to be too dangerous. But looking back, our building was farther away than we wanted to walk. Ellis was closer, and we wanted to have dinner there anyway, so we continued wading through two feet of snow to take shelter. I ended up falling in a storm drain that was concealed by the snow and almost couldn't get up. There's a lovely impression of me struggling pointlessly in the snow. Or at least there was. It's covered now, and at least two more people fell in as well. They also struggled pointlessly and left their plight impressed into the snow, only for it to be covered by more snow.

By the time we finally made it into Ellis (did I mention that Ellis is just across the street from my dorm? Only a few hundred feet, and it felt like the most treacherous journey of my life... Oh, that's right, it was), I felt like I was going to throw up. I was so out of breath that I immediately collapsed onto the steps and laid there for about ten minutes. Anna said she felt like she had run a mile, and thinking about it, it did remind me of exactly how I used to feel after running the mile in gym class. Walking- WALKING- across the street feels like running a mile in this snow. In fact, my first thought as soon as we got into the building was "I can't believe I have to spend the night here!" I would never run two miles in one day. Not even if the reward was sleeping in my own bed.

After laying pathetically on the stairs for about ten minutes, Anna and I finally decided to brave the weather to walk across the sidewalk to get to the dining hall. Even walking across the sidewalk felt like a dangerous mission in this weather coupled with how exhausted we already were. But we made it and decided to camp out in the dining hall for as long as we needed to. Of course I spent the entire meal coughing because when I get too winded, my lungs get all compress-y and it makes it hard to breath, and when I try, it irritates. I'll be coughing for a couple of days.

We finally decided that we should start heading back if we wanted to make it back alive. Again, just crossing the street felt like running laps in gym, and the icy needles in my face also made me feel like I was drowning along with everything else. But I made it back relatively safely, and now here I sit in my room in jeans that are wet nearly all the way up the legs, and with hair looking like I just stepped out of the shower. I'll upload the pictures momentarily, but seriously guys. Even with as bad as it looks out there, it's worse than you can believe, so don't even try doing anything. You will fail, and then you will fall.
Imagine a TV show as a person you're having a conversation with. The show itself is the actual conversation, and the commercials are their inner thoughts. When you watch a tv show online, all of the commercials are cut out. We prefer it this way because commercials completely cut away from the show, and have nothing to do with what you've been watching, and for the viewer, are completely pointless and irrelevant. Much like how we are often thinking random thoughts at any given time that have nothing to do with anything, and are not particularly connected, but it just happens to be on our mind. People don't want to know what random things you're thinking at every second of the day, just like they don't want to wait through irrelevant commercials to get back to the program.

Click here to find out what I'm talking about.Collapse )

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
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I'm impressed by the majority of these results. One or two of the trait keywords are pushing it a bit, but overall, pretty accurate.

Finally, a REAL sledding experience.

I had such a blast today guys, you don't even know. Despite it being the first day of classes, it was still awesome because it was also the first real snowfall of the year. For this area anyway. And some of my college friend were all pumped to go sledding, so we loaded up and cautiously drove across campus to the awesome sledding hill behind the frat complex.

The climb to the top of the hill was enough to wind me, but sliding down it was a blast. I only slid down a few times myself, because it was such a chore climbing back up again. But it was so much better than the little dink of a hill we have behind the high school. I think that will never be fun again after tonight.

We slid down a few times and collapsed in the snow after a while. Everyone started to get tired after repeatedly climbing back to the top, so we ended up just falling over in the snow and throwing snow balls at each other. At one point, Anna had gone to visit with some other friends that were also sledding (there were a lot of people using the hill) and when she came back, this guy named Steven glomped her to the ground. They started rolling down the hill and only stopped when Steven decided to let Anna out of his death grip hug and jumped away. Anna rapidly got to her feet, nose bleeding profusely, shaking her head in a "Oh, it's on" sort of fashion before reaching down to make a snowball. It was pretty much the most badass thing I've ever seen, even more so when she told us she didn't even realize her nose was bleeding until she saw the horrified looks on everyone's faces.

Also the whole time we were out, we had seen several cars try to drive up a road going up a hill, and they were all failing pretty spectacularly. We started to think maybe we wouldn't be able to get home in the car, and we should just leave it there and walk home. Rebecca didn't want to leave her car behind, so she walked down to see if she could drive it. We stood there watching her try to get on the highway for about twenty minutes before deciding to walk back.

My legs were numb and threatening frostbite at this point, but I didn't care. We were having a great time, and snow in general seems to put me in a good mood. So I ignored the thousands of needles in my legs as we trekked up the highway on our way back to campus. We walked for about ten minutes before deciding to take a break in one of the housing complexes to warm up.

By the time we had defrosted, Rebecca had managed to get her car up the highway and into the parking lot across from the building we were in. We piled into her car and put on our seatbelts at her demand, and cautiously made our way back across campus. We ended up parking in the farthest possible parking space from our building in our lot, but we had been out romping in the cold for so long that we didn't care. I came back up to my room and promptly vowed to not venture back out for the rest of the night.

So while the return trip may have been a little stressful, it was definitely worth it, and we had a lot of fun. I wouldn't change a minute of it. But I'm really hoping classes get canceled tomorrow because words can not describe how tired I am after our sledding venture. Campus closed at 3 today due to the weather, so here's hoping for a day off tomorrow! >.


Well, as it's after midnight now, my birthday is officially over. But worry not, it was a good birthday. My grandma took me to lunch at Olive Garden where I ate delicious breadsticks and delicious eggplant, and then topped it off with delicious white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Delicious lunch, delicious birthday.

I was ecstatic when I saw a Vintage Stock just across the highway from Olive Garden, so Judy Grandma dropped me off there to browse to my heart's content while she went down the road to Gordman's to buy a book. I had a really tough decision between two awesome looking games that were the same price, but I ended up buying The Last Remnant for the 360. The 360 that I don't actually own, but will soon. That 360. You know I have three games for a system I don't even own? I need to slow down on the game spending.... Nah.

After she picked me up from Vintage Stock, we ran over to Wal-Mart because we both had Christmasy type things to take care of there, and we both took care of our Christmasy type things and went on our way. When we got back to her house, I helped her carry up her Christmas tree, so she finally has a tree in her living room. Cutting it a bit close, but at least it's up in time for Christmas. I also helped her picked out what I hope is a great present for Will. She had no idea what to get him, and I had an idea of things he likes, so I helped her with her idea and now she has a present for Will.

Then I went to my Sister's house and got my new computer desk set up in my room. And I brought the computer chair that I bought over there too. My first pieces of furniture! I'm so excited, the move-in process has officially begun! I can't wait until I have everything I need all in my very own room at my sister's house.

Once I finished all that, I came home and spent the rest of the night playing on my computer. I got about 20 birthday wishes on my facebook, so that gave me a smile as well. All in all, yes, I had a happy birthday, and now that it's over, I'm off to bed.

Kids are hilarious

For the past couple of years, I've gone into the newspaper and written the Santa letters that the elementary school sends up to put in the paper. My Aunt is too busy to do it, so she pays me to get it done in time for her. It's a good job. I wish it ran year 'round. And some of the things these kids say are just hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites from this year:

One kid asked for a monster for Christmas. No elaboration. He just wants a monster.

One girl knew very well what she wanted and wasn't shy about asking for them. Of the 20+ items on her list, some things included a dip'n dots maker, a blizzard maker, money, diamonds, and slime.

Meredith's youngest sister also knew quite well what she wanted, though she didn't go so far to ask for diamonds and slime. But she did want a stocking for their puppy, Toby, and a real cat. Even though they already have three cats in the house.

Amy's cousin Dalton asked for a Barbie doll and a four wheeler. When I told Amy, she laughed and said it wasn't her fault.

One child didn't ask for anything. Her entire letter simply said "Dear Santa, I have lied to my parents a lot, but how are you? I am good."

One nameless letter gave Santa the list of things they wanted, then asked if Santa had to pay a water bill. I was disappointed that it wasn't signed, because if it doesn't have a name on it, we can't put it in.

Somebody wanted to know what school Santa went to.

Several kids pointed out the fact that they couldn't even fit in their chimneys, so how does Santa?

One kid asked for a "furberry." I'm really hoping that's a really bad typo of "Furby." Otherwise, I don't want to know what a "furberry."

One kid asked for one thing and one thing only: Pokemon cards of fully evolved pokemon. She listed several examples of evolved pokemon she wanted, and said that this was all she wanted for Christmas. Her letter filled the whole piece of paper she was writing on. The letter was signed, not "love," not "sincerely," not "your friend," it was signed "Pokemon trainer," and their name.

Countless kids asked for PS3s, Xbox 360s, DSIs, laptops, AND Wiis. Not just some kids asking for one or the other, but multiple kids wanted at least 3 out of the 5 of those things.

One kid asked "Are you and Mrs. Claus still getting around? If you AREN'T, please write back." I honestly don't have words for that letter.

And my favorite letter that I've ever seen: The kid that asked for a biography of Helen Keller and a math book. I'm pretty sure that letter made my whole day.

So those were the letters that stuck out the most to me this year. They made me laugh, so I thought I'd pass the humor on to you.

Well, I tried.

Guess that's the end of that, then.
Things I did today: Put gas in my car, drove to Warrensburg, picked up some stuff from my dorm room, stood in line for half an hour to return textbooks, went to wal-mart and spent half of the money I got from textbooks on Christmas shopping, drove back to Holden, deposited money in the bank, ordered more Christmas presents from Amazon.

Did I mention I have a cold and can't breathe through my nose? Apparently that's all it takes to get me motivated to actually be productive. I'm gonna go study for finals now.


Meredith, Jill, and I went to see Tommy and the High Pilots in concert tonight. Well, last night, I suppose, since it's after midnight. They were playing at a tiny little bar in Lenexa, so tickets were only five dollars. At least, they were supposed to be. We got there so early, we didn't have to pay.

The concert was great. Before we even got into the building, we ran into Matt Palermo, the drummer (who is also the drummer for Ludo) and he made small talk with us. It was so unexpected and great. We didn't even realize we had parked RIGHT NEXT to the band's trailer, let alone that Matt would need to get something out of it just as we were getting out of our car.

The only thing that sucked was that there was some incorrect information saying that the concert started at 6. So we got there at 6. It started at 8. It was a little irritating having to wait for two hours, but it was ok because the three of us never run out of conversation. Jill also took a High Pilots poster off the wall to get autographed after the show (don't worry, she got permission).

The concert finally started, and it was really good. I wasn't familiar when any of their music except one song, but they're a good band and I enjoyed them. They did a couple of covers of songs that I did know, so that was even better. But the best part was after the concert, because we got to meet the whole band. And not just meet them. Hug them. Because they might possibly be the nicest people on the planet. When Meredith and Jill were getting autographs from Tommy, I asked if I could take his picture. He was like, "Just of me? You sure you don't want to get in the picture with me?" Which of course I did. And so did Meredith and Jill. Then we talked to Steve and Mike, and they asked us all our names, and they even remembered Meredith and Jill from when they performed at the Beaumont Club. I thought that was pretty awesome. And we shook their hands and made even more small talk than we did with Tommy (which is impressive because Tommy was pretty chatty). And of course we couldn't leave without pictures and autographs from Matt. We found him right outside the door, and when we asked if we could get his picture, he promptly rounded us all up in a hug. Then we got pictures of all of us hugging him. Then we got his autograph. Then we made small talk. Small talk with famous people is really not as hard as people seem to think it is. Especially not when those people are as nice as the members of Tommy and the High Pilots.

Anyway, it was a really good night, and the band was good, and they were all really nice, and it was all just awesome. Meredith and Jill were reeling from their celebrity encounter all the way home, and probably still are. If you want to see pictures of the concert, they're on my facebook in the Tommy and the High Pilots album.